Rose Ariadne

Rose has been studying ancient forms of witchcraft for over 27 years. She's helped all of her 2537 students (and counting) in over 25 different countries attract wealth, love, protection, and good luck into their lives using the Magick energy every person was born with.

Finally, an experienced Witch reveals secret methods for casting simple 3-minute spells that actually work, without any hard-to-find ingredients or tools...

Dying Witch Reveals
Simple Spell Casting
Secrets Discovered
In Ancient Druid's
Magick *Grimoire!

*Grimoire (noun): a textbook of magick. Such books typically include instructions on how to perform magickal spells, how to create magickal objects (like talismans, amulets, and charms), and how to summon supernatural entities such as angels and spirits.

"Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best...
now anyone can use this knowledge to cast simple love, money, protection, and luck spells that can
bring results in just a few days... even if you've
cast a successful spell." - Rose Ariadne

To My Magickal Friend... YOU:

If you've ever desperately wanted to believe in Magick, but deep down you're not quite sure it will really work... and you hope (with all your heart) that you can tap into its power to bring incredible miracles into your life -- you've been brought here today for a reason.

You were meant to hear the story about an unusual Magick Grimoire my grandmother discovered that can change your life forever...

My Grandmother Was A Strange "Collector"...

... she was always fascinated by Magick, and over the years she collected hundreds of old Magick books in her attic. (She grew up outside of Glastonbury, England -- among the descendents of the ancient Druids... one of the oldest Magickal groups in the world...)

She studied her library of Magick knowledge for over 63 years, and used it to lead a life full of love and prosperity... until the day she passed away.

She showed me almost everything she knew,
for the rituals in an old Magick Grimoire...
because it was written in secret code.

She knew the druids recorded their most powerful spells and rituals in secret code so nobody else could understand the information. (They also did this for protection -- in those days many people practicing Magick were thrown in prison, or murdered.)

She was dying to find out what the Magick Grimoire contained, so she hired a professional "decoder" to help her translate the ancient texts.

They finally "cracked the code" a few months before she passed away... and when she saw the information it contained, she understood why it was kept secret...

It was the most powerful and important
Magick information she'd ever seen.

She was in the middle of adding all the spells and Magick knowledge to her Book of Shadows when she became very ill.

She was very old and knew she didn't have much time left, so she asked me to continue her work.

From the moment I opened the first page of the Magick Grimoire and saw the secrets it revealed, I knew why it was so important to her.

Not only does it contain a list of unique spells and rituals... it also reveals 3 simple secrets for tapping into the Magick energy of the universe... the same energy that's inside of you.

I'm still amazed by the power and simplicity of the techniques. I know (and I've proven) that anybody can use them to get real results from Magick.

You see, I've spent the last 6 years laying out every spell and Magick secret into simple steps anyone can follow to cast real spells that actually work. (This wasn't easy, and I had to draw on all my 27 years of Magick experience to finally complete it.)

Now I'm going to explain how you can use this knowledge to change your life with Magick, starting with a very important question:

"Have you ever cast a spell that
didn't bring any results at all?"

If you answered "yes" to this question, this has probably happened to you:

After finding the "perfect" spell, your spine tingles with excitement when imagining how it will attract your deepest desire... and how good life will be when your biggest worry fades away.

You carefully gather all the ingredients and tools the spell calls for. (Even though some of them are hard to find and expensive)... and you carefully follow every step to cast the spell "perfectly"... or so you think.

You're so excited you can hardly stand it.

The first day goes by and your situation is unchanged... but that's ok. Everyone says you need to be patient.

Another day passes... still nothing. You begin to wonder if it's going to work. Then another day passes... and another.

Still no results.

The feeling of doubt inside you grows with each passing day.

Then the doubt turns to disappointment and sadness when you realize your spell hasn't worked.

You feel like you wasted your effort and time... and you wonder if you'll ever cast a spell that brings results.

I'm here to tell you that you're not alone... and it's not your fault.

The truth is: casting successful spells is easier than you ever hoped or believed... as long as you follow 3 simple secrets revealed in the Magick Grimoire.

I promise to reveal all 3 of these secrets over the next few minutes.

I also promise that you'll be smiling from ear to ear when I'm done, because you'll know you can cast spells that actually work almost every time you try.

You see,

The Magick "Fuel" That Powers These Simple
Spells And Techniques Is Already Inside You... Even If You've Had Secret Doubts That Magick Really Works.

And if you've had your doubts, that's ok. It's only natural for people to doubt things they can't see (like Magick energy).

But after you hear about some shocking discoveries made by scientists, I believe any doubts you've ever had will be laid to rest... forever.

You see, many different scientists have run multiple experiments that prove beyond a doubt there is a powerful energy running through the universe, the earth, and every person.

There's one particular experiment I want to tell you about because it was done by the U.S. military (one of the most "cutting edge" departments in the world when it comes to science and technology).

The Results Of This Experiment
Were Nothing Short Of Amazing.

First, volunteers were randomly selected from a group of average people off the street.

Then, scientists took blood from each volunteer and placed the samples into special chambers. (These chambers measure DNA changes in the blood.)

Next, the volunteers were shown a series of video clips designed to trigger different emotions like happiness, sadness, excitement, etc.

Step 1: A group of volunteers were randomly selected,
and a blood sample was taken from each.

(Important Note: they were in a separate room from their blood samples when watching the video clips.)

As they went through different emotions, their physical responses (breathing rate, heart rate, and blood pressure) were monitored along with their blood samples.

The scientists were amazed to see an almost exact match between the physical "peaks and valleys" of the volunteers, and the electrically measured "peaks and valleys" of the DNA in their blood samples.

Step 2: The volunteers were taken to another room where
they were shown a series of emotional video clips.

Somehow, their emotions were "communicating" with their blood samples!

The astonishing thing is: there was no delay (no "transmission time") between the changes in their physical responses and the changes in their blood samples.

And The Scientists Didn't Stop There... These "Hidden Energy" Experiments Had
Just Begun.

The military scientists wanted to see how far the volunteers could be from
heir blood samples, and still see
these amazing results...

Step 3: The DNA activity in the blood samples almost
exactly matched the emotional peaks and
valleys of the volunteers!

So they repeated this experiment multiple times after moving the volunteers 1 mile away from their samples... then 5 miles away... 10 miles away... 15 miiles away...

... and they finally stopped when the volunteers were 50 miles away from their blood samples.

In all tests, the results were exactly the same!

Even when the volunteers were 50 miles away from their blood samples -- the electrically measured "peaks and valleys" of the samples instantly mirrored their physical responses to the video clips... without any delay.

These Shocking Results Prove The Existence Of
A Hidden Energy Inside Of You.

It proves that every living thing, every event, and every thought is connected by a web of invisible energy that can instantly effect everything else.

And I'm going to show you how to "plug in" to this powerful force any time you wish, so you can...

Bring Your Deepest Desires Into Your Life...
Even If You've Never Cast A Successful Spell.

If you've never cast a spell that got results, it's not because you weren't "born" with some mystical power.

Remember, the volunteers in the scientific experiments above were regular people off the street... and they were all able to control their own DNA from 50 miles away. (Without even consciously trying.)

This is proof we are all born with a connection to Magick energy.

This is proof that you can follow my steps and see results from your spells -- no matter who you are or where you're from...

"Thanks To Your Kit, I Have A New And
True Love In My Life."

Hello Rose,

I just want to say, "thank you" from the depths of my soul. Even though I have only had possession of your wonderful information for a short time, I can't believe how the information in your kit has helped me.

I have been a believer in magick since I was a child. I never knew how to get going, I had no one I felt secure in learning from--until now.

Thanks to your kit I have a new "real" true love in my life. He knows absolutely nothing of the craft, but he wants to know things as I continue to learn.

This man encourages me to continue with my studies, to love my life, and laugh often.

Thank you again, so very, very much.

Monica Adelaide
Independence, Virginia

"14 Days Later... I Won 75,000 Rands
($9,904 Dollars) On The Draw!"

Dear Rose ,

Last year was the toughest year I have ever lived . I had no money. I couldn't even get anything for my kid for Christmas. I felt so alone. I have a job, but my debts were overwhelming.

I used the Midnight Money Spell in your kit. I cast it with all my heart using a cauldron of water and a silver coin.

I held the cauldron as the moonlight shined on it.

14 days later, I went gambling with a friend... and I won 75,000 Rands ($9,904 Dollars) on the draw!

I couldn't believe it as I have never won anything in my life.

Needless to say, my finances are better now, and my streak of good luck is still going.

I can pay my bills freely now.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

With Love,

Catherine (Last Name Withheld)
Johannesburg, South Africa

... And You'll Use 3 Secrets To Tap Into The Energy Inside You... To Bring Real Results Into Your Life Quickly.

Magick Secret #1: You must truly believe a spell will bring results from the bottom of your heart.

I'll show you how to do this with a series of simple steps that intensify your belief in yourself (and in the power of Magick)... without much effort on your part.

This intense "belief build-up" will charge your spells with focused Magick energy for the sole purpose of attracting your desired results quickly, easily, and safely.

This Is The First Secret For Casting Spells That Really Work.


Like a car needs gasoline, successful spells need your total and complete belief as fuel to bring results.

But it's not enough to just tell people (and yourself) that you believe in Magick...

You must really believe through every fiber of your heart.

This deep belief is something most people never experience (because they aren't shown how). It breaks my heart to see them desperately casting spells -- hoping they'll work -- but never really believing in them.

These people end up disappointed almost every time.

I won't let this happen to you because I've organized these materials to quickly build up enough belief in your heart to last a lifetime... starting with this letter.

... But Deep Belief Isn't Enough Because There Is Another Very Important Secret Most People Miss Too...

Magick Secret #2: This secret "controls" the outcome of your spells the same way a steering wheel controls a car. If you use it in the way I show you, every spell you cast will release tightly focused energy into the universe -- attracting the specific results your heart desires.

The power of your emotions and intentions will create this Magick "steering wheel"... and I'll show you how to embed them into each spell you cast.

Unfortunately, most spells you'll find out there aren't structured to focus the full power of these 2 critical things.

This is because most spells aren't specific enough about your desire to actually bring successful results. (Quick Tip: the more specific a spell is about your exact desire, the more focused your intentions will be... and the more emotional connection you'll have to it.)

Even someone with a strong belief in Magick won't cast successful spells if their intentions and emotions aren't strong enough.

I've seen it happen many times before: excited true believers cast one failed spell after the next... crushing their hopes and dreams... just because they didn't follow this simple Magick secret.

But this won't happen to you because I've designed every spell to "automatically" build your focused intentions and emotions on a very specific desire.

I won't let you fail. In fact,

You're Just A Few Spells Away From
The Life You've Always Dreamed...

And you'll see results quickly because I'll show you how to combine your intense belief (the first secret) with focused intention and emotion (the second secret).

These first 2 secrets will instantly connect you with your core Magick energy... releasing it into every spell you cast.

This "connection" will create successful spell results that are nothing short of amazing...

he NEXT DAY A Person Who Borrowed Money
From Me Several Years Ago, Contacted Me
To Start Paying It Back."

Dear Rose,

Wow! These spells work FAST! I am so excited that can't sit still!

I did 3 of your 5-minute money spells last week... and the NEXT DAY a person who borrowed money from me several years ago contacted me to start paying it back.

I also got some additional temp jobs. And yesterday, I got an unexpected refund from my insurance company!

Thank you thank you. I'm so glad I got your wonderful kit!

Bright Blessings to you and yours in every way.

Love and Light;

Linda Antrim
Kingman, Arizona

"I Can Honestly Say I Haven't Felt
This Good In A Long Time!"

Hi Rose,

I'm a 33 year old RN and I'm so very fortunate that my coworker introduced me to you!

I just got started with your kit, and I fell in love with the first exercise I saw.

I've been struggling for a long time with my self-esteem and confidence, and I haven't been myself since my Dad died about a year and a half ago.

The first exercise was so powerful and moving for me! I finally feel like the amazing woman I am, and it's all because of you.

The sense of peace and calm after I was done doing this exercise was so amazing. I can honestly say I haven't felt this good in a long time and look forward to the journey I've started to take!

Thanks again!

Suzi Gamonds
Canaan, NH

... And When You Use The Third Magick Secret,
You'll Have An Advantage Most People Never Get...

Magick Secret #3: This one is all about charging your spells with outside energy from nature. (Some witches understand a little about this secret, but most of them only get it half right.)

You see, when you're able to borrow outside energy from the earth, your spells get a powerful "boost".

This energy boost will combine with your belief, focused intent, and emotion to bring the results you desire.

The first part of this secret is to use natural ingredients like herbs, wood, and other plants.

Most spells you'll find call for these natural ingredients, and this is good... but almost every one of them completely ignores the second (and most important part) of this secret.

It's very simple: you must acknowledge and thank the earth for the energy you've borrowed.

This will be easy for you because the special techniques I've "embedded" in each spell will help you thank mother earth quickly, simply, and naturally every single time -- without even really thinking about it.

Now the universe will work for you instead of against you, and...

You'll Prove To Everyone (And Yourself) You
Can Cast Quick 5-Minute Spells That Really Work --
Without Hours Of Study... And Without Expensive,
Hard-To-Find Ingredients.

You'll realize you really do have the power to change your life by following the simple steps I've laid out in each spell, ritual, and technique...

... using simple ingredients and tools you can find around your home.

... without needing help from anyone else. (There are a few group rituals, but most of the spells are designed to done alone, in the comfort of your own home.)

The best part is, you'll be able to use these spells as often as you need to.

Just Imagine What It Will Feel Like When You Cast
Your First Spell From The Magick Grimoire, And Attract
The Exact Results You Desire A Day Or Two Later.

The belief... the emotion... and the hope you feel will be like sunshine on your heart.

You'll feel comfort in your inner spirit that everything is going to be O.K... and a wave of excitement will fill your soul because you'll realize what is possible.

Listen, regular people are changing their lives with my specially written spells every day. They aren't any smarter than you... and they aren't mysteriously "gifted" in some way. Just look at what they've done...

"... On The Next Day I Won $800 From The Lottery."


I did the Wishing Technique the day I downloaded the kit, and on the next day I won $800 from the Lottery.

Thank you so much! What an overwhelming success. I'm going to use this technique over and over again.

Sergio Cabral
Toronto, Canada

"... A Very Important Spell In Your Kit Has Cured An Addiction I've Suffered From For Years."

Hi Rose, I want you to know that a very important spell in your kit has cured an addiction I've suffered from for years.

I kept the addiction a secret, and it ruined my life. Now, I don't have anything to hide because it's been gone for weeks, and I can start being the person I should be.

This means more to me than you can imagine.

Love and Blessings,

Glenn Cannon

If you follow my steps, you can get similar results... and you'll know it's only the beginning...

You'll have hundreds more of my spells to cast... each one designed to follow the 3 Magick secrets... each one able to bring the quick results you so desperately desire... each one bringing you closer to the life you've always dreamed of... filled with true love, true friends, good health...

... And Enough Money To Make Your
Financial Worries Vanish Forever.

Just turn on the news to hear about the struggles people are having all over the world with money. This is the worst its been since the Great Depression.

Maybe you can imagine what its like for people struggling to pay their bills after working long hours for little pay... with almost nothing in their savings accounts.

And then they get the bad news. They've lost their jobs.

Their income stops... but the bills keep rolling in. Desperation sets in when they look for a job, but can't find one... and all the while there are little mouths to feed... rent to pay... and all the bills.

It's just a matter of time before government assistance runs out... the bills go unpaid... the lights go out... and finally, their homes are lost.

Maybe some of this has even happened to you -- but it doesn't have to... especially if you follow the steps in the money spells I'm going to send you.

What Would Life Be Like If You Never Had To
Worry About Money Again... And Even Had Enough
Wealth To Do Almost Anything You Wanted?

You'll rest easy every night knowing you've got enough money to pay all your bills... and live the life you've always wanted.

No, money can't buy happiness or love... but it can help you feel happiness and love.

It's amazing how easy it is to focus on things in life that are really important (like your relationships... your friends... your family... your health) when your money worries are gone.

You can even travel the world if you like... and you'll have plenty of "fun" money to buy (and do) some of the things you've always wanted.

This is all possible because I've included a special set of spells, rituals, techniques, and charms that can quickly create opportunities for money in your life. (You'll receive spells for attracting extra spending cash, landing your dream job, getting a promotion, drawing in emergency money to pay your bills, and much more.)

Here are just a few of the simple money attracting spells and rituals I've laid out for you step-by-step:

How to plant Magickal "money seeds" at key positions in your city to attract large sums of wealth over the next several weeks. (This amazing technique uses the powerful "law of reciprocity" to bring a stream of Money miracles into your home.)
3 "ingredients" that contain powerful money-drawing Magick properties... and how to make them 10 times more powerful by combining them in a small pouch. (Important: I'll show you a special ritual that will "activate" your Magick money pouch by directing it's energy toward any specific financial goal.)
How to "shake" money into your life with my "3 Coin Money Bottle Spell". (Bottle spells can work miracles if you combine the right materials with the right intentions... and I'll show you how to do both so you get results quickly.)

Here are some of the results my students are getting after casting these simple spells...

In The Month After I Did Your Spell,
I Got $3000 In Business. "

Hello Rose!

I tested one of the money spells from your new kit as you instructed. I cast it 6 months ago, and I left the amulet in my room in a place where I could see it.

It wasn't like we won the lottery that week (not that I didn't buy a ticket LOL). What did happen, however, is amazing. 6 months ago we were always struggling with money.

We could barely pay our bills and rarely had any money left to do anything else.

The change started small, a check in the mail here, or a pay raise there. Then, in the month after I did your spell, I got $3000 in business.

Since I did the spell, we have never been left wanting for our necessities, and for nearly all of our wants. It comes in subtle, unexpected ways, but it comes none the less. We have been living a life of abundance, and I know the spell had everything to do with it.

Thank you so much!

Katie Rose
San Antonio, Texas

Then A Friend Of Mine Dropped By With 250 British Pounds ($369 U.S. Dollars) Which She
Owed Me For Over A Year!"

Hi Rose,

I would just like to shout a big "thank you" for your kit! It's fantastic!!

I've been studying Witchcraft for over a year, but I never had the confidence to actually start practicing it... until I got your kit.

I recently cast the first money spell from your kit, and within 2 weeks I had a letter from my old gas and electricity supplier saying they owed me just under 400 British Pounds ($590 U.S. Dollars)... and then a friend of mine dropped by with 250 British Pounds ($369 U.S. Dollars) which she had owed me for over a year!

My confidence in Magick has tripled, and I'm loving every minute of it!

Thank you so much

Brightest Blessings

Vicki Robins
Huddersfield, England

When I Got The Mail I Found A Check From An
Old Friend For Exactly $1500 Dollars!"

Hi Rose,

I just wanted to let you know that I used your "Golden Giver" money spell and it's helped our financial situation quite a bit... but yesterday it changed everything!

We were needing a little extra cash, and when I got the mail I found a check from an old friend for exactly $1500 dollars!

I added more coins to the Golden Giver plate I set up from the spell to thank the Goddess, and attract even more prosperity.

Thank you so much for being there for us!

Your Friend,
Anthony Zepeda

"Rose, This Sounds Great, But How Long Will It Take For
These Spells To Bring Money... What Can I Expect?"

The answer to this question depends on 4 things:

1. How well you follow the simple steps I've laid out for you.

2. Your level of belief in Magick.

3. The strength of your emotional connection to your desire.

4. Which spell you cast.

The good news is, I've taken care of all 4 of these things for you.

You see, the spell casting system I've prepared will "automatically" pick the perfect spell for your situation, build up your Magick belief, grow intense emotion in your heart, focus your Magick on a specific desire, and guide you through the simple steps to cast it.

The results will amaze you.

In fact, you may even "see" results a day or two after casting it.

2 Days After I Cast It, I Won
$500 From A Lottery Ticket!

Hi Rose,

I finally got around to casting the Incense Money Attraction spell in your kit last Friday.

2 days after I cast it, I won $500 from a lottery ticket!

I was so excited I decided to do the spell again, and 3 days later I won $150 from another ticket!

Thank you so much, and thank the Goddess!

Emma Forest
Crossville, Tennessee

You Can Even Cast My Simple Job Attraction
Spells To Quickly Land The Job Of Your Dreams.

Not only is it hard to find a job these days, but most people who actually have a job aren't happy with it. In a recent poll 55% of people working at least 30 hours a week are unhappy with their jobs.

That means over half of employees wake up every morning and go to a place they can't stand... to a boss who probably doesn't give them the credit (or respect) they deserve.

But things will be different for you. You don't have to be unemployed... and you don't have to be stuck in a job you don't like.

What if I told you there was a simple set of spells you could use to "stumble" into your dream job?

Imagine waking up every morning excited to go to work. A place where you are respected and appreciated. A job that pays what you are truly worth... a job that provides for you and your loved ones -- for the rest of your lives.

And if you already have a job you want to keep, I've prepared another set of spells you can use to keep your job secure... while thousands of people are losing their jobs every day.

Even better, you can use some of the spells to get the promotion you deserve... along with a salary increase that will make any of your financial worries disappear completely.

Here are just a few of the job spells I've prepared for you:

A secret method for using 3 clovers to land a job during any interview. (This pre-interview ritual works so well because it laser focuses your Magick energy on landing the job during the interview.)
A simple "cinnamon twist" spell that can quickly land a good paying job... especially when you're having financial problems. (It's hard to find a good paying job these days... but this spell can send the perfect opportunity to your doorstep, and give you an edge over your competition.)
The Quad Crystal Job Promotion spell that gives your boss an irresistible desire to grant you an instant promotion and pay raise. (This spell magnifies your most valuable talents to everyone at your workplace by combining the energy of 4 crystals and 12 coins.)

"Within The Next 12 Hours (The Next Day),
I Was Hired By A Big Company!"

Dear Rose,

I wanted to share something with you.

I just received your kit and decided to try the "Full Moon Prosperity Spell" because I've been having a tough time finding a job.

I chose my candle as you instruct, and cast the spell during the brightest full moon I've ever seen in my life!

Within in the next 12 hours (the next day), I was hired by a big company!

In the days since, good things continue to come to me one after the other.

I just wanted to show you my appreciation.

Take care,

Tay (Last Name Withheld)
Miami, Florida

"If Magick Can Attract Money So Quickly
And Easily, Why Isn't Everybody Rich?"

This is a question I've been asked many times before, and here is my answer:

The truth is, most people casting spells never see results... let alone get rich from them.

That's because most people purchasing books and courses on Witchcraft skip right to the spells -- before they know how (or why) Magick works.

They blindly cast the spells without building up true belief in Magick... and without focusing their thoughts, emotions, and intentions.

Then they complain they aren't millionaires a few hours later.

But you are different. You are light years ahead of most people because you've followed me this far... and that is a very good sign.

And I'll make sure you follow the 3 Magick secrets when casting each spell. Not only will you create prosperity and wealth in your life, but you'll also...

Fill Your Life To The Brim With Breathtaking Love... Passionate Romance... And A Lifetime Of True Friends.

As you know, love can make every day beautiful and full of life... or... if love "breaks" it can fill your days with sadness, depression, and loneliness.

There are so many people desperately seeking love that can't find it. They feel alone, unimportant and unwanted... while a deep sadness creeps into their hearts.

Many others are dealing with a devastating breakup... or the crushing loss of a loved one.

My heart bleeds for you if you've felt like this, because I know what its like to have a broken heart.

Let me explain...

I Felt Like I'd Be Sad Forever As I Sobbed
Uncontrollably In A Dark Parking Lot At 2 am...

He was my first love, or so I thought.

I was just 17 years old, and I was "in love" for the first time.

I met him at the local ice cream shop I worked at, and he swept me off my feet.

From the moment I saw him, I was sucked into his world. He charmed me and we began dating seriously.

I honestly felt like it would last forever... everything seemed so wonderful... almost perfect.

Until he stopped calling. And when I'd call him he wasn't the same.

I started to worry... and then the doubts began to creep into my mind.

"Does he love me anymore?"... "Has he met somebody else?"... "Did I do or say something wrong?"

I quickly pushed these questions out of my mind... maybe he was just in a bad mood.

But things got worse. Much worse.

I Discovered The Truth That Ripped
My Tender Heart In Two...

My best friend saw him at the mall one day holding hands with a girl she happened to know.

It looked like they were more than friends.

The next time my friend saw the girl, she asked her how long she'd known him.

In that moment the truth was revealed.

The girl said, "he's been my boyfriend for 2 years...".

My friend was shocked, and she called me immediately to tell me the heart-breaking news.

He'd been lying to me the whole time.

I was overwhelmed by anger, panic, despair, and sadness... and I began to sob uncontrollably.

I ran out of the house as fast as I could, and ended up in a deserted parking lot a few blocks away.

I was crying uncontrollably... and when my tears dried up, I sat in stunned silence until almost 2 am.

I couldn't understand how someone could ever treat me that way.

I Didn't Believe I'd Ever Be Happy Again...

But I was wrong.

If I knew then what I know now, my heart would never have been crushed like that.

I'm just glad my grandmother was there to save me from sadness. She could feel my pain and took me under her wing.

She showed me how to cast a few quick spells to heal my broken heart... gently repairing the damage that was done... making my heart stronger than it had ever been before.

Everyone needs some time to grieve... that's part of the healing process.

But instead of grieving for weeks and months, I only felt sad for a few days.

The spells empowered me, and I felt happy again... like I could do or be anything.

... And Then She Revealed A Spell That
Would Change My Life Forever!

On my 18th birthday, she knew I was ready to experience real love.

She copied every word of her secret love spell onto a slip of paper. As she handed it to me she whispered, "follow every word."

I knew it would work just like all her other spells had. I could feel the excitement building up inside me... and I ran home as fast as my legs would carry me.

I gathered the ingredients, and I cast the spell exactly as it was written. I couldn't wait to meet my true love.

But a few days later, my excitement had turned to disappointment. I hadn't met anyone.

First, I started to doubt the spell... and then (almost a week later), I had forgotten about it completely.

And that's when he came into my life... (by the way, this an important lesson for you: the sooner you "forget" about a spell you've cast, the sooner it will bring results...)

It started slowly with true friendship at it's core, and quickly blossomed into a "once in a lifetime" romance. And we are still going strong today, after 20 years and 2 kids.

My Grandmother's Spell Took Me From Devastating Heartbreak To The Passionate Romance Of My Dreams...

... and this all happened before my Grandmother discovered the secrets in the Magick Grimoire. Secrets that have increased my connection to Magick in ways I never thought possible.

It's unique techniques for harnessing the power of your belief, emotion, and focus are stronger than anything I've ever used.

And I've broken it all down into simple steps for you...

...So You Can Quickly Rid Your Heart Of
Loneliness, Depression, And Sadness Too.

Now, I'm not going to promise you'll never feel some sadness and disappointment about love... but instead of going through weeks and months of heartache, you'll only feel sad for a day or two. (I've prepared some simple heart-mending spells that will quickly clear away your pain and replace it with hope, excitement, and happiness.)

Here's just a bit of what I'll show you:

How to create a "Mystic Love Box" that actually absorbs the pain of a broken heart, so it heals quickly. (You can also "charge" this box so it attracts your deepest romantic desire the moment your pain is gone. I'll show you how...)
A simple 5-minute ritual that quickly "flushes away" the pain of a broken heart with a picture, 2 candles, and a small butter knife. (Warning: this spell will make you cry, but it's amazing how most of your pain vanishes instantly -- and never comes back.)
The "Scissor Breakup Spell" that can ease the pain of a breakup for a couple that wasn't meant to be. (You'll use some black candles and a pair of scissors to end things quickly without hurting the other person... so you can find the one you're meant for.)

And when your pain is gone...

You'll Cast My Powerful Love Attraction Spells To Open
Doors Of Love In Your Life... And Send A Flood
Of Romance Bursting Through Them.

There are two types of these special Love Spells...

First, if you're ready to settle down with someone special, you'll focus on my "true love attraction spells" to create a chance encounter with your soul mate. (This can happen in a few days, and you'll know when you see them... trust me.)


If you just want to date and have fun, you'll focus on my spells to attract multiple love interests. (Caution: I never recommend dating more than 2 or 3 people at a time... but it's up to you how many people you attract with these spells. Just be careful how you treat them.)

It's your choice which path you follow.

Here are just a few examples of these unique and powerful love spells:

A secret blend of Magickal aromas that can quickly attract love, friendship, and raw passion. (I'll show you how to make this simple and safe love potion with items you'll find in your home... and "simmer" it to release the love attracting blend of aromas into the universe.) (The short ritual you'll do also creates "love magnetism" in your heart that works with the energy of the potion... which is why it brings results so quickly.)
The "True Love Seeker Bath" that creates an accurate image of your true love... and opens a "doorway" in your immediate future for that person to walk through. (You'll actually be able to see your true love during this ritual... and you'll meet them sooner than you ever expected.)
How to use "Magick smoke" to charge any Hawaiian leigh (flower necklace) with romance attracting energy. (You'll attract one new love interest for every flower on the necklace.)

The Love Of My Life Called Me Last Night..."


I followed the love spell on page 64 step-by-step... and guess what?

The love of my life called me last night, and we talked for hours.

He's coming home to me! There was even talk of us getting married.

Thank you so much! I can't wait to do my next spell.

Peace Be With You & Yours,

Rosalind Lotz

The Girl I Really Like Just Said
She's In Love With Me!"

Dear Rose,

I followed your instructions in the kit to cast the "Love Blossoms" spell, and the girl I really like just said she's in love with me!

Thanks for all your help!

James Stanley
Hollywood, Florida

The Next Day His Mother Phoned Me
And Brought Him Over!"

Hi Rose!

The "Orange" spell in the kit worked great - in a weird way!

I raised my Godson as my own for 2 and half years. Then, his mother picked him up and I haven't seen him in years. (My heart was ripped inside out.)

I was initially trying to focus on something else... but my Godson kept coming into my thoughts during the spell.

The next day his mother phoned me and brought him over!

I'm amazed! Thank you!

Natalie Blair
Newtown, Pennsylvania

... and if you've already found someone special, and just want to feel "closer" to them -- I've got you taken care of.

I'll Show You How To Take Any Relationship To A
Higher Level Of Love Almost Overnight.

It's so painful when you want to feel closer to someone... but something is preventing it.

You remember how things used to be when your relationship was filled with love and trust... and you got butterflies in your stomach every time you were together.

Then you open your eyes one day and realize how much things have changed... for the worse. You feel sad, angry, and depressed... and you'd do anything to get that happiness back.

This is where my simple "love growing" spells and rituals come in.

With each spell you cast, you'll plant another Magick "love seed" in your relationship that grows with each passing day... gently repairing anything that has been broken... bringing back the love that was there -- and all it's passion.

Spells like this:

How to make a strange "spiced grape juice" that instantly ignites a white-hot fire of passion in any "stalled relationship"... keeping it strong for years. (If the spark is gone, and you feel like you're just "going through the motions", this simple ritual can fuel the love between you for years to come.)
A unique and emotional "Quartz Band-Aid Spell" that bends hidden energies in any crystal to heal your relationship... as long as it was meant to be. (This is also a great way to reveal your relationship's future...)
A quick ritual that absorbs all the anger generated during a fight with your lover. (You'll need a candle and a purple plate to suck away all the anger and pain, mend the relationship... and strengthen your bond.)

2 Days Later She Saw A Guy From High School That Admitted He Has A Crush On Her!"

Blessings to you Rose!

My magickal name is White Tigerose, I have been studying magick for about 2 years.

I was convinced your magick is real when I had my 26 year old daughter try one of the love spells in the kit.

2 days later she saw a guy from high school that admitted he has a crush on her! (She's 5' 2" and 250 pounds... and nobody has ever expressed interest in her like this.)

They've been working out together for the last month, and they're in love! They are looking at rings and houses. It's a little fast for me, but I'm just glad she's happy.

What a wonderful spell, and I can't wait to try my next spell...

Much Love,

White Tigerose
Norfolk, Virginia

"... L
ess Than 2 Weeks After I Cast The Spell,
He's Turned Back Into The Loving And
Devoted Husband I Once Knew."

Dear Rose,

I've been dabbling in Magick for over 10 years. I recently tested one of the love spells in your kit on my husband. We had grown apart... but less than 2 weeks after I cast the spell, he's turned back into the loving and devoted husband I once knew.

I have gained about 90 pounds in the past couple years, but he's more interested in me than ever!

I really appreciate the opportunity to be your student.

Thank you, Blessed be.

Lidia Davis
Custer City, Oklahoma

"A Couple
Days Later He Sent Me An
Email Through Facebook!"

Hi Rose, I did the spell to get someone to contact me. I haven't seen or heard from my son in many years, and I did this spell with him in mind.

A couple days later he sent me an email through Facebook!

I believe in Magick more than ever, and I can't wait to see my next spell come true.

Blessed Be,

Elise Haskin
Shallotte, North Carolina

And there's another kind of pain I can help you with too...

If Your Heart Is Broken Over A Loved One Who's Passed Away... Would You Like To Speak With Them?

It's a harsh reality of life... the ones we love slowly begin to leave us.

How many times you have you wanted to speak with them "one last time" as tears begin to fill your eyes? Just one last "I love you...", one last hug... one last kiss...

I can help you "touch" them again.

And you don't have to say goodbye... you can actually continue having a relationship with them.

You see, I've used some of the knowledge in the Magick Grimoire to create special rituals for communicating with spirits on the other side.

You'll be able to exchange thoughts, feelings, emotions, and even words with the ones you've lost... almost any time you wish.

Your Techniques Have Helped Me Deal
With The Death Of My 13-Year Old..."

My Dearest Rose,

I will always be with you for as many years as the grass grows,the sun shines and the rivers flow.

Your techniques have helped me deal with the death of my 13 year old... and I thank you so much for that.

You have made a difference in so many lives and you continue to do so. You are very special and I thank you for being a teacher I can confide in.

Your Life's Friend,

Wilma Green

No matter how (or why) your heart hurts in the future, you'll never feel alone again because...

You'll Have The Power To Attract A
Support Group Of True Friends...

... and true friends can help get you through any problem that comes your way.

You'll be surrounded with people like you... people who understand you... care about you... love you.

People that share in your happiness... people who pick you up when you are down with tender words and thoughtful actions.

All you'll do is try a few of my "friend finding" spells to quickly and naturally attract true friends that are meant for you.

So you'll never feel lonely or left out.

I'll show you spells like:

How to create a Magick amulet and "charge" it with powerful love drawing magnetism that attracts new friends (and potential love interests) everywhere you go. (Make sure to leave it at home if you want go somewhere and be alone...)
A powerful Magick tea that gently repairs broken relationships and brings long lost friends back into your life. (We all have old friends we miss... and this is a quick way to "find" the friendship again. Plus, it removes any hard feelings.)
How to use a pink candle, some rose oil, and a specific tarot card to quickly attract new friends into your life over the next 2 weeks.

"I Finally Found Someone, And We're In Love


Thanks to these spells, I finally found someone, and we're in love! (We live a few hours away from eachother, but that will change soon.)

We are happy and in a healthy relationship.

Thank you for all your help, I really appreciate it.

Angelica Cheob

... Since Then All My Friends Comment On
How Bright And Inviting My Apartment Is."

Hi Rose,

I completed the Negative Energy Cleansing Spell a few days ago, and since then all my friends comment on how bright and inviting my apartment is. We all feel so much happier in my home. They love visiting even more it seems...

I've already learned so much from your kit, and I'll keep you posted!

Brightest Blessings!

Jennifer (Last Name Withheld)
Los Angeles, California

True friends can change your life. They'll be there to give you happiness and support. But unfortunately,

...Friends Can't Protect You From A World Full Of Dangers, Negative Energy, And Daily "Curses"...

Don't get me wrong, the world is a beautiful place. But there are a lot of problems too.

You don't need me to tell you about all the pain and suffering going on. Just turn on the news to see it with your own eyes...

... job losses... poverty... homelessness... hate crimes... natural disasters... terrorism... death...

And then there are the negative thoughts people send out -- filled with fear, greed, envy, and hatred. This negative energy can take away everything you have, and throw your life into a tailspin.

I feel it's my duty to keep you and your loved ones protected, which is why I'll send you a special set of rituals that will...

Create A Powerful "Magick Wall" To
Protect You And Your Loved Ones From
Curses, Hexes, And All Harm.

Whether someone consciously wishes bad things on you (a type of curse)... or random negative energy floats across your path -- the powerful protection spells revealed in the Magick Grimoire can keep you safe.

These spells actually harness the power of gratitude for the things you already have. And it's this feeling of gratitude that will create your protective Magick Wall.

This Protective "Wall" Reflects
Negative Energy 24 Hours A Day.

I'm not saying you'll never have a "bad day". Everyone has those.

But you'll be safe from curses, hexes, and other types of bad energy that can ruin your life.

You'll rest easy at night knowing that you, your loved ones, and all your material possessions are safe. (While so many other people are worried sick...)

Just follow the simple spells I've laid out for you, like:

The "Triple Purple Protection Spell" that creates a solid shell of protection around you to block all negative energy. (You'll actually feel the calming warmth of the protective forces on your skin so you can rest easy, knowing you're safe.)

How to make an "Acorn Poppet" that creates an iron veil of Magick protection around you or anyone you love. (Once you create the poppet you'll rarely ever have bad luck... and you'll notice a dramatic increase in the number of "good days" you have -- as long as you replace the acorns every 3 months.)

A simple "one time" spell that transforms a bowl of salt into a pulsating protective shield over your home. (This spell reflects any negative energy sent towards your home for as long as you live there.)

... I Can Still Feel The Warm
Protection Energy Around Me."

Dear Rose,

The Kit is amazing! It has really opened my eyes to all my potential, and I've only had it for a day.

My sister and I tried the first protection spell and I can still feel the warm protection energy around me.

Thank you so much Rose, you're the best!

Theresa Long
Kokomo, Indiana

Every Exercise Gives Me A Huge Hug
Of Reassurance And Warmth."

Hello Rose,

Thank you so much for the new kit. Every exercise gives me a huge hug of reassurance and warmth. Your kindness and caring emanates from your words.

I have been told that great things are coming into my life, and I believe you are one of them.

Warmest kindest blessings,

Audrey O'Neill

You'll also cast other protection spells to banish negative energy that has already "attached" itself to your life... including sickness.

This Unique Set Of Protection Spells Can Heal
You And Your Loved Ones From Illness And
Disease Because They Are Driven By The
Most Powerful Force In The Universe...


Each spell harnesses the deep rooted feelings of love you have for the person -- and releases it into their soul... healing them.

This is why you must have strong emotions for the person you're trying to heal. (Of course this is easy if you already care about the person... especially if that person is you.)

(A quick word of warning: these healing spells are not meant to replace the care of a good doctor... they should be used to help the healing process take place.)

Here are a few of the healing spells and techniques you'll receive:

An amazing "health sachet" that can prevent illness and major health problems well into old age. (It will take a about 30 minutes to "charge" your sachet with protective health energies -- then put it in your room to keep sickness away for as long as you wish.)
An amazing technique for healing your pet with your hands... without touching it. (This gets results quickly because you'll combine a unique healing visualization with a potent "healing oil" you'll find in your kitchen.)
How to create an "astral healing tornado" that can help cure anyone of almost any major illness. (All you'll need is a light blue candle, your favorite incense, a small piece of paper, and a pen.)

He Already Seems To Be Improving!"

Dear Rose,

I started going through your new Simple Spell Casting E-Kit, and I tried one of your protection spells for reducing negativity in my home. My family already seems happier!

My biggest challenge is helping my husband who has been very ill after a heart attack last year.

I did the spell in the light of a full moon, and I "let it go" per your instructions. He already seems to be improving!

Your materials are giving me direction and guidance which is very difficult to find elsewhere...

Brightest Blessings,

Kim Watt
Cornwall, United Kingdom

When I Completed The First Task In The Kit,
I Felt A Huge Sense Of Relief."

Hi Rose,

I'm new to your teachings, but I've already felt the Magickal benefits of the kit.

When I completed the first task in the kit, I felt a huge sense of relief. A weight had been lifted off my shoulders... and it allowed my inner energies to burn through the candle and into the air around me.

I've never felt such a sense of warmth and peace in my life before and it was very special. I know your kit will continue to inspire me, and help me find my true magickal path in life

Love, light and all my blessings,

Hannah Turnham
Somerset, United Kingdom

And now...

... After 6 Years Of "Blood, Sweat, And Tears"...
The Secrets Of The Druids Are Yours.

I've gone through each secret spell and technique with a fine toothed comb, and...

... split them into simple steps...

... carefully translated each one into simple modern day English anyone can understand...

... researched easy-to-find (and inexpensive) substitutes for ingredients and tools (so you can cast every spell, no matter where you live)...

... created hundreds of additional spells that follow the 3 magick secrets...

... had each spell and technique tested. (by myself, and members my local group)

It's all yours now...


Your "Simple Spell Casting System E-Kit"

(By the way, I've included a few little "surprises" for you that I'll reveal in a few minutes.)

(I think you'll be pleasantly surprised to say the least. )

Here's everything you'll receive today:

The Simple Spell Casting System Manual

The full color 139 page Simple Spell Casting System Manual will gently guide
you through the secrets discovered in the Magick Grimoire. You'll discover
simple techniques to build your belief, focus, and emotion... so you can
cast successful Wealth, Love, Luck, and Protection spells with
items you'll find around your home...

6 ancient love, wealth, and luck spell combinations that release intense Magick energy to bring quick and dramatic results into your life. (These spells "borrow" from many different European Magick traditions... and they're all easy to cast.)
The biggest reason most people never cast a spell that actually works... and an easy 2 minute concentration exercise that instantly "unclogs" this common spell casting blockage.
How to use a homemade love potion, a candle, and a spell bottle to attract your one true love... no matter where they are. (You'll perform each of three 15-minute steps on a different night to complete this powerful ritual.)
A unique secret that charges your spells with radiant and divine energy -- and "wills" them to bring results, almost every time. (You'll physically feel the warmth of this energy run down your arms, and out into the universe every time you complete a spell...)
A secret for turning any 5 coins into "Magick money magnets" that can attract a constant supply of money to your home. (This ritual will dissolve your biggest wealth-preventing obstacle... so money flows easily and naturally into your life.)
How to organize your home so it Magickally attracts good luck and wealth 24 hours day. (You won't even have to cast a spell. Just follow my simple guide... and watch little money miracles flow through your front door.)
The amazing "Purple Scrying Spell" that conjures clear images of important people (and events) in your past... and gives you hints about how to communicate with them again. (This works best for locating the people you miss... even if they've passed away.)
A unique technique for healing anyone of basic ailments... with bird feathers. (I adapted this ritual from a dance used by Native American medicine men to heal their tribe members -- and it works like a charm!)
How to unlock the power of an ancient Chinese symbol to protect yourself from curses, hexes, and random negativity for the rest of your life. (Once you've done the ritual, you'll integrate the symbol into your altar setup... so you'll create more protection with every spell you cast.)
How to turn a "sour" day into the sweetest one you've ever with an apple and some vinegar. (My grandmother showed me this spell when I was a little girl, and it almost never fails.)
How to attract emergency funds (almost any time you need to) by burning yarn. (Warning: this powerful spell only brings results if you're in an emergency situation. Don't use this for things you want.)
A 5 minute technique that "trains your brain" to cast a secret spell every morning... before you wake up! (You'll cast it "automatically", and it will fill every day with intense love, joy, and happiness.)
How to release a "Magickal scent" that will attract a new lover into your life. (I'll show you how to create a special love spell bottle that releases the scent... but make sure you're ready for love before doing this because it can bring someone to your doorstep in just a few hours.)
A yearly home protection spell that gently removes evil spirits from your home, and prevents them from coming back. (Do this spell if you suspect a spirit is making your life difficult. All you need is 3 cloves of garlic, a bowl, and a special chant.)
A Magick healing technique that projects soothing energy from 4 of your fingers to heal certain ailments. (This builds on an ancient Chinese method for healing with "meridian channels".)
A morning ritual that "collects" the energy in sunlight, and releases it through your home -- completely cleansing "bad energy" from your life. (This can instantly remove the root of all your problems...)
A Magick bracelet that can attract just enough money to settle all your debts. (I'll reveal my grandmother's unique ritual for charging 22 beads with "money magnetism"... along with 3 simple steps for turning them into a powerful bracelet.)
How to protect your car from accidents and breakdowns with a small piece of wire and some beads. (This long-term spell also emits a positive energy flow so all passengers feel a sense of warmth and happiness.)
5 steps for blending a Magickal "potpourri" that attracts good fortune to everyone living inside your home for an entire year. (This brings a string of surprise miracles to your household by creating strong positive energy vibrations...)
How to "bury" any bullies' bad intentions with 3 black candles and a glass bottle. (This won't harm your bully, but it will stop their attacks for good...)
A "Magick stone" that was used to protect Roman war generals from harm, and will absorb bad luck before it reaches you. (Plus, it can instantly remove all your stress. I'll show you where to get one for pennies -- along with the 3-step ritual that unlocks it's power.)
A big mistake most people make before casting money spells that almost guarantees they'll fail. (I'll show you a little mind trick you'll use to charge your money spells with positive "bounceback" karma... eliminating this problem completely.)
3 ingredients you can use to Magickally "vaporize" almost any immediate problem you have. (Hint: you already have these ingredients, and I'll show you a quick ritual that unlocks the Magick energy inside them.)
An 8 word sentence that removes "astrological blockages" preventing your spells from working. (If you've never cast a successful spell, this sentence can change everything for you.)
How to "paint" wealth into your future with Magick sand. (The more creative energy you put into this exciting ritual, the quicker you'll attract unexpected money into your life.)
How to use a ziploc bag and "9 knots" to stop people from talking about you behind your back. (Special Note: this spell actually reveals your best qualities to them... so they have no choice but to talk about you in a positive light.) (They may even begin to like you!)
A master list of powerful gemstones that can boost the Magick energy of any spell... practically forcing it to bring results. (Plus, I'll show you how to use each stone, and exactly when to use it.)
How to charge a brown egg with targeted Magick energy that stops harmful addictions of any kind, and heals the internal wounds causing them. (You can do this on yourself or another person... even if they are thousands of miles away.)
A 5 minute "power boost" you can do before any spell to triple the odds it will bring the exact results you desire. (This technique builds up so much energy you'll actually feel the warmth.)
A surprisingly effective method for using certain symbols to "fine tune" the focus of any spell. (This increases your spells' chances of success, and magnifies the results it brings.)
How to mend all relationships in a family with 9 drops of "Magick oil". (This special ritual brings feelings of peace and love to each family member... no matter how bad the fighting is.)
How to magnify the energy of every spell by using certain color combinations on your altar. (I'll show you how to use color to capture the mood and emotion of a spell... dramatically influencing the results you'll get.)
How to make a "hanging sachet" that can attract one of your deepest desires. (I've included a list of herbal sachet "recipes" that can protect your home, attract wealth, and bring love into your life quickly.) (Plus, you can make as many sachets as you want... each one working around the clock to bring a different miracle.)
... and much, much more!

The Simple Spell Casting System Checklist

You'll use this simple checklist to move quickly and easily through the course.

Just "checkmark" each step as it's complete so you don't miss anything.

It will also guide you through these 3 "surprise gifts" I've prepared for you:

Free Gift #1: The Successful Spell Casting Secrets Manual

The 48 page (full color) Successful Spell Casting Secrets Manual lists almost every possible
spell casting mistake you could make... and reveals simple tips, tricks, and secrets
you'll use to avoid these problems -- so you cast spells that really work.

If you've ever had problems getting some of your spells to work, I've got 2 pieces of good news for you:

1. It's usually just one little mistake that causes a spell to "fizzle".

2. I've kept a log of all the mistakes my students have made over the last 6 years -- along with all the "fixes" I provided to get their spells working.

The "Successful Spell Casting Secrets Manual" contains all these "fixes", so you won't run into these common problems. (And if you do, you'll know exactly how to solve them... so you cast successful spells almost every time you try.)

Here are just some of the simple tips, tricks, and secrets you'll use to solve almost every possible spell casting mistake you could make:

A secret method for "re-casting" any failed spell to almost guarantee it brings positive results. (Hint: this has to do with the location you cast the spell from... and it's a secret many people never discover about casting successful spells.)
1 "pre spell" step you must do if anyone has touched your altar since the last time you cast a spell. (If you ignore this simple step, your spell can have unpredictable results... or fail completely.)
4 basic spell casting steps most beginners completely miss. (You won't find any of these most witchcraft books... and if you ignore them, your spells will have almost no chance of success.)
How to turn your altar into an automatic "charge station" for your Magick tools when it's not being used. (This gradually increases the power of every item on your altar... and you'll be amazed by the results your spells attract after just a few days.)
4 amazing rituals that release the energy inside honey to increase passion in your relationship, heal physical ailments, attract true love, and protect everything important in your life. (Fact: Bees are one of the main reasons human life exists, and their honey contains powerful life-giving energies. I'll show you how to use this energy in 4 different ways... for amazing results.)
5 household items that can create 5 "energy points" on your altar. (I'll show you how to set these up so they flood your circle with positive Magick energy... bringing quicker spell results.)  
An easy way to setup a "spell indicator" (with a small plant and a glass of water) that instantly notifies you every time you cast a successful spell. (Now you'll know if your spell will bring results or not... without having to wait!)
A 10 minute "Magick habit" that can automatically solve one problem in your life every day. (I'll show you how to create this "habit" so you never even think about it... and your problems Magickally fade away.)
A simple method for quickly casting a "mobile Magick circle" that will protect you in tense situations away from home. (I'll also show you how to use this for casting quick "trigger" spells on the fly no matter where you are... even if you're walking around town.)
The 3 best materials you can use to create your Magick circle. (These are easy to find and will "concentrate" your spell's energy before it is released into the universe.) (These materials also prevent negative energy from entering your circle and throwing your spell off course.)
17 little-known "Magick aphrodisiacs" that will quickly attract red-hot passion into your life when you add any of them to a love spell.
A big mistake most people make when casting a Magick circle that causes their spell to fail... or worse -- backfire! (I'll show you how to easily avoid this mistake so all your spells are safe and effective.)
26 different Magick potion recipes for almost every desire. (You'll make each potion by following 4 steps that will take less than 15 minutes.) (Note: if you're having trouble getting your spells to work, these potions may be exactly what you need to finally get results.)
How to use a pair of wooden chopsticks to prevent your spells from ever backfiring. (These can prevent random negative energies from "mixing" with your spell to cause unpredictable results... if you follow my simple steps.)
How long you must wait for results before determining that your spell failed. (Most people give up on a spell too soon and re-cast it too quickly. Doing this can "bind" the energy of the spell so it never brings the results you want.)
A list of items you'll find in your kitchen that possess powerful Magickal properties most people never discover. (I'll also show you how to use these items so you get better results from every spell you cast.)
How to mix 4 different types of Magick oil that can dramatically enhance your physical attributes (like your skin, hair, and breasts) by simply rubbing them on your body.
A strange secret for using milk to cleanse your spirit of negativity and charge your next 3 spells with extra Magick energy. (Hint: you'll actually bathe in the milk during a 10 minute ritual that will unlock these amazing benefits.)
1 thing you must never do after casting a spell that instantly "blocks" it from bringing results.
6 different methods of "cleansing" your Magick tools to get better results from your spells. (You'll use my simple guidelines to pick the best method for your next spell, so your tools send a focused energy boost into your circle.)
An amazing ritual that contacts your "totem animal" and asks it to visit you the next time you dream. (During the visit it will send you important information about your future.) (It will also begin to protect you from harm for the rest of your life.)
A unique method for storing your Magick items so they automatically "recharge" and bring additional spell power to your next ritual. (Most people use "drained" tools that suck away energy from their spells... preventing them from working. But this will never happen to you if you follow my steps.)
6 simple "candle Magick" secrets that make all the difference between a spell that brings quick results... and a spell that fails miserably. (These are "too" obvious... which is why most people never discover them.)
A 5 second "chant" that instantly removes all distraction from your mind before casting a spell. (This amazing technique removes one of the biggest barriers to successful spell casting... and it almost guarantees results if you do it right.)
A secret for finding "Magick hot zones" (outside your home) that will help you cast successful "trigger spells" on the go. (Plus, I'll show you an easy way to cast a "trigger spell" in under 15 seconds... so nobody ever knows what you're doing.)
How to discover what 4 days of the year charge your soul with a "double dose" of natural energy. (These 4 Magick "calendar points" are different for every person... and every spell you cast on these days will have twice as much power.)
A little-known technique for extracting the hidden Magick in morning dew, and adding it to any spell you've had trouble getting to work -- so you finally get the results you've been waiting for!
2 techniques for "bending" the moon's energy to create a clear path for your spells to bring results. (You'll use these techniques immediately before casting any money, love, or protection spell... or for any spell designed to eliminate a problem or fear.)
21 "things" you'll find around your home that instantly increase a spells' chance for success. (... and the more of these items you include on your alter, the stronger your spells will be.)
3 simple steps for making a special Magick broom that completely removes negative energy from every spot in your home. (If everything seems to be going wrong in your life, "swish" this through every room in your home to get a fresh start -- clear of all negativity.)
How to build your own "pentacle of power" that draws in extra energy from the universe, so you cast one successful spell after another... with ease. (This will be your power center that supplies all your spells with more than enough energy to bring results.)
... and more...

Free Gift #2: Rose Ariadne's E-Book Of Shadows: Volume 1

My easy-to-use E-Book Of Shadows (Volume 1) installs quickly, easily, and safely on both
PCs and Macs. It contains 100 new, unique, and potent spells. I've carefully designed
each spell to follow the 3 Magick secrets revealed by the Druids in the Magick Grimoire.

I worked very closely with Ash (my computer whiz) for over a year to complete this unique and powerful spell casting software.

It installs quickly and easily on any PC or Mac... and it's so simple to use even a computer "dunce" (like me) can run it.

I've placed 100 new, unique, and powerful spells into this software. Each spell follows the 3 Magick secrets revealed in the Grimoire... and they're all categorized into 5 sections: "Love Spells", "Money Spells", "Protection Spells", "Luck Spells", and "Divination Spells".

Simply click a category in the software to get a list of all it's spells. Then, click on a spell to get simple steps for casting it.

You can write the steps down or print them out. (In fact, you can print out all the spells at once if you wish.)

Additionally, you can add as many new spells (and categories) to the software as you wish. (You can also record the results of each spell you cast, which is something I highly recommend.)

The E-Book Of Shadows software is truly "one-of-a-kind". It's also one of the most powerful pieces of the Simple Spell Casting System.

Here are just some of the secret spells you'll discover inside:

How to turn any piece of jewelry into a "Magick Love Magnet". (When a compatible lover sees you wearing this, they'll feel an instant and irresistible desire for you.) (If you're serious about finding a passionate new romance, wear this wherever you go...)
An amazing ritual that uses a safety pin to destroy the energy of any curse. (Most people think it's difficult to remove curses... but they've never tried this powerful spell.)
How to "grow" money into your life by using 5 pumpkin seeds, a green cloth, and a dollar bill. (This spell will make all your efforts pay off more than you ever expected... whether you work for money, are starting a business, or plan on buying a lottery ticket.) (You'll also begin to receive unexpected money gifts a few days after completing this spell...)
2 stones that can rekindle almost any lost romance in less than 7 days. (You'll use 2 specially charged candles to "activate" powerful love igniting energies in the stones.)
The "Hematite Hex Shattering Spell" that concentrates energy from 4 crystals to instantly "vaporize" any curse or hex. (This also cleanses your aura of any negative energy someone has sent you through their thoughts.)
3 steps for brewing a Magick tea (discovered by the Druids) that will reveal 1 important life-changing event in your future.
A spell that "triangulates" the Magick energy of 3 green candles to attract emergency funds for your past due bills. (Note: this will only attract money for utilities, food, and shelter... and it only works during emergencies.)
How to use a pile of pennies to repel any "enemy" from your life. (Anyone causing problems for you will suddenly leave you alone... out of choice.) (Warning: make sure you really want the person out of your life before casting this spell because you may never see them again.)
How to Magickally attract the romantic intentions of your secret crush by using 3 flowers and some salt. (Important: this spell won't cause them to fall in love with you instantly... but it will ignite the dating process if you're a good match for each other.)
How to transfer bad memories from your mind to a "Magick Memory Box". (Once you've completed this emotional ritual, you'll bury the box -- and your bad memories -- forever...) (And once the painful memories are gone, you'll be shocked by how rapidly your life changes for the better.)
How to attract the attention of your second guardian angel with 2 white candles and an "awe inspiring" sky visualization. (You'll actually "see" a radiant white light pour into your body from the sky that instantly consumes any depression, sadness, and desperation in your heart... and fills it with intense joy you haven't felt in many years.)
How to use a permanent black marker and a slip of red paper to "awaken" any person's desire for you... as long as they are naturally attracted to you. (This works on existing lovers too, if your relationship feels stagnant.)
The Midnight Money Spell that creates opportunities for you to "stumble" upon small amounts of money almost every time you leave the house. (After casting this spell, you'll routinely come home with more money than you left with... without even trying.)
The "Secret Moonlight Bath Ritual" that creates an intense vision of your dream-life... and causes it to gradually come true over the next year.
An amazing 3 step ritual that "burns" luck energy into any metal trinket so it attracts a constant stream of surprise money to your home. (Hint: Recharge the trinket every 4 weeks to keep the money flowing... I'll show you how.)
How to use a single strand of hair to focus your lover's "wandering eye" on you... and you alone. (This spell simply reminds your lover how wonderful you are... so they begin to look at you like they did before.)
An amazing ritual that turns any black rock into a "bad energy black hole" that automatically absorbs all negativity entering your home. (This will be your second line of defense against bad energy... and it'll work for as long as you keep the rock.)
A potent love potion that causes someone you already know to look at you in a romantic light. (... and they'll begin to pursue you immediately if it was meant to be.)
The "Do You Love Me Divination" that reveals any person's true feelings about you. (You'll charge a necklace with "rock salt energy" to find out if someone really loves you or not...)
The controversial "Ultimate Desire Spell" that magnifies your most attractive qualities to 1 specific person. (This is one of the most powerful love spells in the kit, and you should only use it on someone you really care about because they'll probably fall for you quickly.)
How to change your luck from bad to good with 2 magnets and a horseshoe. (This spell works so well you may see your first "lucky surprise" the morning after you cast it!)
The "Lucky Test Taker Spell" that helps guide your hand to a surprisingly good score on any test by charging your pen (or pencil) with luck energy. (Make sure to use the same pencil or pen on the test... and cast this spell immediately after your last study session to get an "A" grade!)
How to use any large gray stone to protect your job so you don't get laid off. (Note: the spell requires you to place the stone somewhere in your workplace... so make sure you have a spot for it.)
A unique winter solstice ritual that bends your future path towards a life of prosperity and joy. (You can do this 10-minute ritual by yourself... so you'll have the best year of your life!)
A powerful Magick talisman that can raise large amounts of money for any charity. (All you need is a candle and any large coin for this... and it also invokes the "law of attraction" which sends a wave of good fortune your way.)
An amazingly accurate spell that determines the sex of a baby before it is born. (All you need is a necklace, some rock salt, a small pouch, and 30 seconds to get the answer.) (I've also included a simple spell modification you can use to determine the sex of a woman's future children... before she gets pregnant.)
The "Quick Date Spell" that can draw a compatible partner to your front door in less than 24 hours. (What happens after the first encounter will be a complete surprise...)
A strange ritual for creating 6 Magick coins that triple your odds of winning money in the lottery. (You may not win the big jackpot... but you'll be shocked how often you win at least a little money.)
An simple "dice divination" you can do to get the complete truth about any question you have. (If you've never done a spell to see the future, this is the perfect place to start...and it's amazingly accurate.)
A "Solitary Summer Celebration" that charges multiple pieces of fruit with inner gratitude... creating more love between you and whoever eats it. (The Magick fruit you create is perfect for large family gatherings because it brings everyone closer together.)
How to "magnetize" your spare change so it attracts any amount of money that has been lost or stolen. (This also brings back any money you've lent to people who won't pay you back.) (Important: don't forget to leave the change outside overnight after the spell... and don't spend it for a week!)
A quick spell for locating the exact home you want, at a price you can easily afford. (You'll charge 3 easy-to-find spell ingredients with your "emotional desire"... then you'll release this energy with a brown candle to finally get the home you've been looking for.)
How to use a box of dominos to reveal the immediate and long term future of every aspect of your life. (Knowing your future will make you excited for the wonderful things to come... and it will help you avoid any obstacles.)
The "Matchbox Seller" spell that will attract a high paying buyer for your home if you're having trouble selling it.
The "Magick Rose of Devotion" spell that can create feelings of deep love between you and another person... if it was meant to be. (... and if it wasn't meant to be, at least you'll know.) (Warning: this spell may sting your hand a little, but it's extremely potent when you cast it on the right person.)
How to "bake" wealth into your life with an ancient Lammas ritual that requires a loaf of freshly baked bread and 4 gold candles.
The "Salty Sea Home Protection Spell" that keeps all unwanted guests away from your home. (This includes solicitors, enemies, time-wasting acquaintances, and even mischievous spirits...)
How to use a green ribbon, a candle, and a few coins to charge your hands with luck. (This works best to increase your odds of winning money when gambling.)
A "danger binding poppet" that quickly stops any person from harming you or your loved ones. (It only takes a few minutes to make... and then you'll do a simple ritual to "activate" it with a black candle, a red ribbon, and a bowl of saltwater.)
A powerful pet protection spell that uses red thread to create a protective shield around any animal. (This will keep it safe from harm, and even heal it from certain ailments!)
How to use a piece of ginger, a small pouch, and a crystal to quickly convert "bad luck" into the best luck you've ever had. (This spell will bring one amazing surprise into your life every day for the next week!)
The "Bad Baggage Distraction Spell" that quickly stops any ex-boyfriend (or girlfriend) from sabotaging your relationship. (This spell also distracts your lover's "ex" by giving them something else to focus on... so they leave you alone.)
How to "think" money into your life by combining the power of your mind with a crushed leaf, a sharp object, a fireproof container, and a flat stone. (If you do this consistently, you can create a constant flow of money into your bank account... so you stop worrying about money for good.)
A unique ritual that can help eliminate another one of your debts every time you tie a knot in a green ribbon. (You'll follow 4 steps to Magickally "prepare" the ribbon before you tie the knots.)
A 2-spell "combination" that can bring back almost any lost lover. (You'll use my simple "True Love" divination first -- to determine if the main spell is safe to cast. Then you'll use 4 red candles, a knife, and a photo to "draw" them back to your heart.)
The "Greedless Black Candle of Wealth" spell that will attract emergency money when you need it most. (This brings results almost every time because the energy generated during the spell is completely empty of greed.)

Free Gift #3: "Simple 3-Step Spells Anyone Can Cast Using Items Found In Every Home"

This kit contains a 2 1/2 hour interview with "Marla" (a world famous paranormal investigator and
longtime "kitchen witch"), a 62-page manual, and a 6-page workbook.

This kit contains Marla's simple, unique, and effective 3-step spells you can cast with items found in every kitchen.

By day Marla is a practicing "kitchen witch" of over 20 years.

By night she's a world famous paranormal investigator who has written 2 books about her amazing encounters.

(Click the green play button to hear
her talk about it - 49 seconds)

My chance meeting with her 2 years ago was no accident. She's become a dear friend... and when I asked to talk about her unique "twist" on spell casting, she quickly agreed. (She also reveals some special secrets you can use to contact the spirits of your choice on the "other side".)

As a gift for becoming my student today, I'm including: (1) 2 ½ hours of audio interviews with her, (2) a manual that breaks her secrets down into simple steps, (3) and a workbook to keep you on track. (So you don't miss anything...)

Here's just a little of what she'll reveal:

How to use catnip to attract a new romantic prospect in less than 24 hours... without even casting a spell.
A simple technique that "converts" financial worries into a positive energy that fuels every money spell you cast.
A secret sentence that unlocks hidden wealth-attracting energies in basil seeds. (Your wealth with grow with these "activated" seeds if you plant them in pots around your home.)
A special self love ritual that breaks the "hidden cycle" preventing certain people from ever finding true love. (If you ever feel deep-rooted frustration about not finding someone to love, this ritual can change things very quickly.)
An amazing guided visualization that "plants" a protective energy ball inside your home. (This energy ball swallows up all negativity... and if you follow Marla's steps exactly, you'll actually see a faint glow coming from your windows on dark nights.)
A powerful meditation that can transmit important messages to someone else's subconscious mind. (You can use this to tell someone the truth about how you feel if you don't want to tell them in person.)
How to use a "wish sack" to find out if a spell will bring results... and exactly when to expect them.
A special Magick amulet you can wear during sex that boosts your fertility. (These possess hidden Magick properties that help any man or woman conceive a child... and you can find them almost anywhere.)
An invisible Magick love symbol you can put on your forehead to attract perfect matches like a magnet. (Anyone compatible with you will have an irresistible desire to ask you for a date... on sight!)
A unique "Lesser Banishing Ritual" that uses a witches' bottle to instantly "flush" bad energy from your home... keeping it out permanently. (This ritual draws it's power from a potent ingredient that immediately stops heartache, arguments, and bad luck.)
How to speed up the results of any money spell using a green candle, a sharp pin, and a common money-drawing oil. (Just add this step to the end of any money spell so it brings quicker results.)
An easy spell that can stop any direct curse before it's had a chance to hurt you.
2 steps for casting successful spells in your mind anywhere, at any time... even if you're walking around the mall. (You don't need anything but your mind to cast a spell that brings results... and Marla will show you how to perfect this amazing technique.)
The only ethical way to give someone a "dose of their own medicine" if they deliberately try to curse you. (Important Note: you won't send any negativity their way, and you won't be touched by their curse.)
How to charge smoke (at the end of any candle spell) with one last burst of intent before sending it out into the universe. (This little secret will dramatically increase the number of successful spells you cast...)
A list of easily-found "substitution ingredients" that work for any money spell. (You'll never worry about finding money spell ingredients again...)
How to setup multiple reflective "mirrors" that automatically deflect curses and hexes of all kinds... 24 hours a day.
How to use the energy inside red wine to protect your home. (Hint: the "dryer" the wine, the better it will repel negativity...)
A quick meditation that sweeps desperation from your heart so your next love spell brings the results you desire. (Fact: desperation is one of the biggest reasons love spells fail, and this meditation removes it completely.)
A $5 rubber duck that can attract a flood of good luck into your life, and how to release it's Magick with a short poem.
A simple rule you'll follow to get consistent results from love spells, and completely avoid bad karma. (Most free love spells you'll find on the Internet are actually "psychic attacks" that can backfire and send bad karma to the caster. Now you'll avoid this completely... and get better results!)
3 important things you must do after casting any love spell to guarantee it brings results. (Hint: these have nothing to do with Magick... and they can make all the difference between a successful love spell, and a complete failure.)
6 altar items that instantly magnify the power of any money spell. (Hint: one of the items is a small "laughing buddha" figurine...)

All 3 Magick Gifts Are Yours To Keep As A Heartfelt
"Thank You" For Becoming My Newest Student Today...

As you can see, each of these gifts contains a unique set of spells and techniques that can quickly change your life. And it's all yours today, once you become a Simple Spell Casting System student.

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the cost... especially when you think about everything you'll receive. (Hint: the cost is less than what you'd spend on a dinner out for two.)

Plus, you'll be able to use it all... whenever you need to. And...

You'll Never Need To Put Your Faith In The False
Promises Of A "Professional Spell Caster".

Most of these services charge between $20 and $100 per spell. Not only is this expensive, but you probably won't get any support when the spells don't work. (Once they have your money.)

The fact is: these services probably won't give you the results you're hoping for because you have more power to change your life with Magick than anyone else.

Remember, real Magick comes from your heart. It's filled with your belief... your emotional connection with the situation... and your focused intention.

These are the things that "fuel" every successful spell... which is why I've designed everything in your Simple Spell Casting System to draw from these Magick "power centers".

Plus, you'll have over 300 specially written spells at your fingertips. Each one blended with the 3 Magick secrets of the Ancient Druids.

You can cast as many of them as you wish (as many times as you wish), to satisfy almost every desire you could ever have. (or solve any problem)

And You'll Have It All For The Rest Of Your Life...

... for much less than the $20 to $100 you'd spend on a "spell casting service"... per spell.

When You Sign Up To Become My Newest Student Today,
Wednesday, August 23, 2017, You'll Receive:

The Simple Spell Casting System Main Course Manual ($59.95 Value)
The Simple Spell Casting System Checklist
Free Gift #1: The Successful Spell Casting Secrets Manual ($49.95 Value)
Free Gift #2: Rose Ariadne's E-Book Of Shadows Program: Volume 1 ($59.95 Value)
Free Gift #3: Simple 3-Step Spells Anyone Can Cast Using Items Found In Every Home: Interviews, Workbooks, and Transcripts ($59.95 Value)

This adds up to $229.80 worth of step-by-step spells and techniques based on secrets revealed in the Magick Grimoire... all for just a total cost of $39.95.

I'm so excited to welcome you as my newest student today. If you feel this is for you, it's important to get started right away.

Here's why:

My Students Are So Amazed By The Simple Spell
Casting System, They've Convinced Me
To Have It Printed And Bound...

As of today, you'll quickly and easily download the entire Simple Spell Casting System E-Kit (and all 3 gifts) to your computer.

But that will soon change.

You see, among the hundreds of students sending stories about how quickly they're getting results from the Simple Spell Casting System -- there's a large group who has convinced me to turn it into physical books, manuals, and CD's. (As a show of respect for the Druids.)

It didn't take much convincing. I know how special this information is, so I've created a physical course that will replace the downloadable version.

It's almost ready for shipping.

And because of the high cost to produce it, the price will be $150.

Today may be your only chance to get the downloadable version (which contains the exact same information as the physical course) for only $39.95. (The price is so low because there are no costs for printing, CD's, and shipping... you'll download it all to your computer immediately.)

SPECIAL NOTE, UPDATED Wednesday, August 23, 2017: Many students who purchased the Simple Spell Casting System E-Kit today also want a copy of the physical course when it's ready.

I've decided to give all Simple Spell Casting System "E-Kit" students a $39.95 discount on the physical course when it's ready (if you are interested in having both versions)...

I Can Only Promise This Price Today Because
The Physical Course Is Almost Ready...

... and if you were to wait, you'd have to pay $150 for the physical course, which contains the exact information you'll get right now for just $39.95.

I welcome you today with open arms, as my newest Simple Spell Casting System student.

Just click the "Add To Cart" button below to get started...

... and to further build your trust in me, I'm going to support you with a...

60-Day Magickal Bond Of
Trust... With A "Twist".

I want you to feel completely comfortable becoming my newest today.

When you sign up now, you'll download all the materials to your computer right away: The Simple Spell Casting System Manual, The Successful Spell Casting Secrets Manual, The Simple 3-Step Spells Anyone Can Cast Using Items Found In Every Home Interview/Manual/Workbook, Rose Ariadne's E-Book Of Shadows: Volume 1, and The Simple Spell Casting System Checklist.

You'll have 60 days (from today) to decide if this is for you. Use every ancient Magick technique... and cast every spell if you like.

If you feel you aren't getting the life-changing results I've promised, or you aren't satisfied in every way -- just send me a quick email asking for a refund.

I'll quickly put your money back on your credit card, debit card, or PayPal account...

... And I'll Let You Keep It All Anyway.

Yes, you "heard" that correctly. You can keep the Simple Spell Casting System E-Kit and all 3 gifts, even if you get a refund.

I think this generous policy is the "icing on the cake" for earning your trust.

I put all my honor on this promise to you. Even more, I give you my word.

All I ask is for your trust in me, and the Magick inside you.


You Guys Gave Me So Much Personal
Attention... Thank You."

Dear Rose,

I asked you for help downloading the kit because I don't know much about computers, and Ash sent me 2 emails to help me within a few minutes. It was really easy, and I successfully downloaded everything.

You guys gave me so much personal attention... thank you.

From the first moment I opened your website I had this warm feeling, like I could feel love and care that was coming from your soul...I still have the feeling.

I am so happy I've found you. I've been looking for a kind and experienced Witch who would help me on my path... and now I've got you.

You present everything fantastically! It's everything you said it would be, and more.

With love,

Mary Navislavskaya
Pace, Florida

... Ever Since I Started It, My Mom Began Forwarding Me A Check Every 2 Or 3 Weeks From
An "Anonymous" Person. "

Hi Rose,

I have had the "Golden Money Spell" active since I started testing your Kit... ever since I started it, my Mom began forwarding me a check every 2 or 3 weeks from an "anonymous" person.

She knows who it is, but she won't tell us. It's been such a nice surprise. The spell actually worked!

My husband and I have been having financial problems, so the extra money has really helped us.

Thank You So Much!

Bernice Martinez
Littleton, Colorado

I've Never Seen So Much
Knowledge In One Place."

Dear Rose,

I've just received the new Magick Kit and I've never seen so much knowledge in one place.

I've read a few books on the craft, but there's more real information in the first 10 pages of your manual than in all those books combined.

You're a great teacher, Rose.

You're the BEST teacher, Rose.

And I'm sure anyone else who receives Magick teachings from you will
agree with me.

Yours faithfully,

Nancy Burchell
Lafayette, Lousiana

Now that you know you're in good hands, I hope I've earned your trust. Though you still may wonder why I'm not just giving all this way for free... especially if the money spells in the E-Kit really work.

"Rose, Why Do You Charge For This
If Your Spells Really Work?"

Great question. Listen: if I could become a millionaire by casting a few money spells... I'd probably give the E-Kit away for free.

It usually doesn't work like that though.

While it's possible to become wealthy through Magick, millions of dollars won't "Magickally" appear on your doorstep the moment you cast a spell.

What typically happens is even better... the spells open doors of "golden opportunity" in your life for long term prosperity and security.

That means you'll "stumble" into extra money for paying all your bills... get that dream job... win money in a contest... or discover a hidden talent you'll use to start a successful business.

This Is What Happened To Me.

Some of the same spells you'll use in the E-Kit revealed my hidden talent... teaching. They helped me combine this talent with my greatest passion... Magick... so I could start a business I love.

Now, 6 years later, I've got a small staff of full time employees that rely on my Magick teaching business to support their families.

This is only possible if I provide my students (like you) with unique Magick techniques and spells that really work... for a small charge.

So, on behalf of my entire staff, we thank you for joining us (and my thousands of students) on your beautiful Magick journey today.

Ash (My Computer Whiz) Will Show You
How To Get Started Right Now...

(He'll also show you how to print out the course if you wish, right after you place your order...)

5 Important Reasons To Become A Student Now...

1. Your life can start changing tomorrow when you follow my simple step-by-step spells today. (Every spell is based on the 3 Magick Secrets revealed in the Grimoire... so you'll connect with Magick energy on a level you never dreamed possible.)
2. You'll receive 3 free gifts if you order now: (1) The Successful Spell Casting Secrets Manual, (2) Rose Ariadne's E-Book Of Shadows: Volume 1, (3) The Simple 3-Step Spells Anyone Can Cast Using Items Found In Every Home Kit. These gifts contain hundreds of simple spells that attract wealth, love, and good luck... along with unique rituals that provide healing, protection, and curse banishment. You'll use all this to satisfy your deepest desires (and solve your biggest problems) quickly.
3. You'll start saving money immediately because every spell can be cast without expensive (and hard-to-find) ingredients and tools. (I'll also point you to a powerful spell that can quickly attract enough money to cover your purchase today.)
4. The printed version of the Simple Spell Casting System will be ready any day now. It will immediately replace this downloadable version... and the price will go from $39.95 to $150 (for the printed version). I can only guarantee availability for the downloadable version today... this is your chance.
5. You'll get the 60-day Magickal Bond of Trust. This means you'll have 60 days from today to use every simple spell and technique. If your life doesn't change for the better (or you're not satisfied for any reason), just send me a quick email asking for a refund. I'll send your money back immediately, and you can keep the entire kit anyway.

I Was Semi-Blocked In My Path,
But Now That Block Is Gone!"

Hey Rose,

I just did the Art Riches spell and I know it will go well. I am also really feeling the effects of that first exercise for connecting with the first Magick secret.

It's amazing.

I love your work so much, Rose. You are beautiful :).

Your work has DEFINITELY helped me become a better practitioner, and it's exactly what I needed to move forward. I was semi-blocked in my path, but now that block is gone!

Thank you so much Rose,

Michelle Peterson
Billings, Montana

I Found Love, A Renewness Of Myself, A
Discovery In My Magickal Abilities,
And It Continues..."

Rose, Thank You. I've already started with the new material.

I have been working through the rituals with great results. When I did one of the first spells I asked for "riches" and I've received them in abundance.

I received "riches" in the form of what I needed. I found love, a renewness of myself, a discovery in my Magickal abilities, and it continues...

I wasn't specific about what kind of "riches" I wanted... and the spell granted me a much wider blessing.

Rose, now it's time for you to take some r&r and just enjoy yourself you have been working hard. Thank-you once again!

Emerald Fox
Richmond, Pennsylvania

Ever Wonder What Your Friends And Family Will
Say About You Practicing Magick?

It's no secret that many people in the world don't understand Magick or Witchcraft. Some think it's "strange"... and others (especially "passionate" Christians) believe it is wrong. (Maybe someone in your life feels this way.)

These false beliefs are due to small groups of "bad apples" who intentionally try to harm people with Magick.

What these "bad apples" don't realize is: evil spells do far more damage to themselves than the people they target.

Some witches call it the "Rule Of 3". (This is the belief that any harm you send out comes back to you 3 times as bad.)

I just believe it's bad karma.

Whether you steal something, physically attack someone, or cast a harmful spell on someone... the bad karma created can ruin your life.

But if you follow the steps in your Simple Spell Casting System,

Every Spell And Technique You Use
Will Be 100% Safe... And Good.

This is because the power of the spells will come from the love in your heart... fueled by emotion, belief, and focus. And you'll cast them to make your life (and the lives of your loved ones) better.

If you're the slightest bit worried about what your friends and family will think about this, breathe easy.

You don't have to tell them about Magick if you don't want to. (It's easy to keep it a secret too, I'll show you how.) (By the way, the charge on your account won't say anything about "Magick" or "Withcraft" so nobody will find out if you don't want them to.)

But if you want to tell certain people about it -- I've prepared some special words (in the main manual) you can use to get a peaceful understanding from even the harshest doubter.

My guess is...

When Everyone Sees How Wonderful Your Life
Becomes... They'll Want To Be A Part Of It.

They'll come to you for help because they respect and admire what you've done... and who you are. (They may even be a little jealous...)

I encourage you to use your powers to help others... but that's up to you.

And it's up to you to take hold of this very special opportunity.

Some People Miss Out On Life-Changing Opportunities
Because They're Afraid To Take A "Leap Of Faith"...

... many of them wish they could "rewind" time so they could have those chances again.

But once an opportunity is gone, it's usually gone for good.

Listen, I understand how hard it is to part with even a small amount of money...

I understand how hard it can be to take a leap of faith...

But, this is a leap of faith that can change your life forever. This is your moment.

I think you'll agree I've done all I can to prove you can trust me...

... that I'll take your hand and guide you gently through the beautiful Magick world before you...

... that real Magick exists... and that anyone (especially you) can use it to attract amazing miracles into their lives.

Finally, I've proven that you can believe in yourself... because you are more special than you ever imagined.

There's a reason you are here today.

Now is the time to take your leap of faith, and find out exactly what that reason is.

I'm waiting for you on the other side with arms outstretched.

Brightest Blessings,

P.S. Today I'll send you all the spell casting secrets my grandmother discovered in an ancient Magick Grimoire. I've put every spell and technique into my Simple Spell Casting System E-Kit. It includes: The Simple Spell Casting System Manual, The Simple Spell Casting System Checklist, and these 3 free gifts... (1) The Successful Spell Casting Secrets Manual, (2) The Simple 3-Step Spells Anyone Can Cast Using Items Found In Every Home Interviews, Workbooks, and Transcripts, (3) Rose Ariadne's E-Book Of Shadows Program: Volume 1... all for just $39.95.

P.P.S. Important: the $150 printed version of the Simple Spell Casting System will replace this downloadable version. I can only guarantee the $39.95 downloadable course today because the printed version will be ready any day now.

P.P.P.S. Remember, you are protected with my 60-day Magickal Bond Of Trust. That means you can use every simple spell and technique for the next 60 days before deciding this is for you. If you don't attract a flood of wealth, love, passion, and luck into your life... just send me a quick email to get an immediate and full refund of every penny... and you can keep the entire course (including all 3 gifts) anyway.

... Would You Believe That
All 3 Of Them Won?"

Dearest Rose,

I feel I should explain some things that happened after I got your new Magick Kit, so you can pass it on to all who are interested.

To start with, the most amazing thing happened after I did the "Fragrant Prosperity Amulet" spell.

I purchased 3 lottery tickets from the same store... and would you believe that all 3 of them won? (what is the chance of something like that? All three??)

Yes... all three won, as unbelievable as it may sound. The winnings totaled just less than 78 Euros total ($100 U.S. Dollars). To me, this shows that your spells really work.

Well my dear friend, I wish the best to you and yours. Thank you for creating such a wonderful Kit!

Enjoy the magic of life,

Yanna Mprouzou
Athens, Greece

It's Obvious You Really Care About
Your Students, And You Know
What You Are Talking About. "

Dear Rose,

I just received your Simple Spell Casting System Kit, and it is a joy going through the information!

I have enrolled in a few courses for witchcraft over the last couple years and I was always left "high and dry" so to speak. Most of these courses contained a bunch of nonsense... and every time I tried to get into it, I lost my train of thought.

It's been very different with your Kit. It's obvious you really care about your students, and you know what you are talking about.

Thanks so much for everything you've done. I'm really amazed.

Love And Light To You,

Kara Chono
Ellwood City, Pennsylvania

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